• Your patients may be able to discover common traits with our loveable Adventure Series characters!

      Marcellus the Monkey

      Marcellus is a "young fighter" who keeps smiling and laughing even when times are tough. The monkey is the group's clown, always trying to make the others laugh. Lively and active, Marcellus can't seem to sit still. But the others don't mind. They love sharing their friend's antics, jokes, and bits of mischief.
    • Tillie the Tiger

      Tillie is strong, both physically and mentally. No obstacle is too big to tackle. The word "cannot" has no place in this feisty young tiger's vocabulary! Tillie likes to take charge and is the first to try anything new. Outgoing and popular, everyone wants to be Tillie's friend.

    • Haley the Hippo

      Haley is sweet, lovable, and sometimes shy. The young hippo has the biggest heart in the world, and that love is contagious. The hippo's fears stand out like big gold buttons — out in the open for everyone to see. The others are always there for Haley with hugs and calming hand squeezes.

    • Tara the Toucan

      Tara is the brains behind the friends' adventures. This bright-eyed bird is very smart, and loves to read, draw, and tell stories. The others constantly beg to hear yet another exciting tale. Tara is a quiet leader. The others confide in the toucan, knowing they can depend on their friend to listen to them.